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This is the set I spun at New Years 2012 at the Thunder Ranch! It is very heavy rock and dirty bass so prepare to have your face melted off! Special thanks to Drive Pilot for inspiration and for the tracks of yours I used in this set!

(1) Carbon Parlour - Rock This House (Reepr Remix)
(2) redial_-_venom__drivepilot_remix_
(3) does_it_offend_you,_yeah__-_we_are_the_dead__drivepilot_remix_
(4) DJ Dan & Uberzone feat. Blake Lewis - Operator (Miles Dyson Remix)
(5) autodidakt__u0026amp;_electroferris_-_chainsaw__drivepilot_remix_
(6) andy's_ill_-_lifetime__drivepilot_remix_
(7) Shax - I Get Dirty (The Mastertrons Remix)
(8) LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem (Ali Nadem Remix)
(9) drivepilot_-_money
(10) Bassex - Sex Drive (Original Mix)
(11) drivepilot_-_gsm
(12) NEUS - Blast (Drivepilot Remix)
(13) 04 Hi Friend!
(14) Smash_It_Original_Mix
(15) sna-fu_-_firefriend__drivepilot_remix_
(16) Zedd - Dovregubben (Original Mix)
(17) Mr Tools - Nalpalm Flavour (Karasho Remix)[]
(18) Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man (Butch Clancy Remix)
(19) Pretty Lights - Pink Floyd Time Remix
(20) Porter Robinson - Spitfire (Kill The Noise Remix)
(21) Mega Loud Internet Friends (Darkacid Mashup)

**This track list is incomplete as I just improved part of the night after track 21